jeru the damaja's tio största influenser

  1. super rhymes a.k.a. jimmy spicer - super rhymes
    "I'm saying these ten, but they're not in no particular order. "super rhymes" was just a dope record. he told the dopest little stories - the sound was dope, his delivery was dope. y'know what I'm saying? I was young when it came out, but everything had a big effect on me - all those old records. before it was mainly just fast beats and stuff, thing like "super sperm", "apache", but those early rhyming recors had a big influence"
  2. jeru the damaja - the sun rises in the east [lp]
    "I have to say it. I can't front on myself. If I didn't say it I'd be lying, 'cos I like it, and I've compared it to a lot of stuff. and I think, in my opinion, it's better than most. and I'll tell you why I like it - it's got a concept, it's not telling you nothing negative, it's not even telling you to do anything except look at yourself. and it's done with skill and respect. I've listened to it as if I didn't make it, to see if I would buy it if I just was hearing it for the first time, and I have to say I would"
  3. gang starr - daily operation [lp]
    "I like "hard to earn" too. "hard to earn" is crazy dope, but I like "daily operation" better. it was smooth. but I also like it 'cos I was on it, so I really have to say it changed my life. I met guru and premier in 1989 whey they was doing the "manifest" video"
  4. superlover cee & casanova - superlover cee & casanova [lp] / eric b & rakim - paid in full [lp]
    "the whole album - everything was dope. they had "super casanova", "girls I got 'em locked", "do the james brown"... they was before their time, and everyone else was behind the time. that shit was crazy. he had that style: "girls I got 'em lockes so similar to a prism / funky dope beats and rhymes is causing me favouritism / I heard of being dope, but this beat's the mover / the choreography busting the funky dope manoeuvre". when I heard that shit, I was like, "damn!".
    "that first album is dope [paid in full]. "I came in the door, I said it before..." that was the best shit. aaah! "follow the leader" was dope too, but when "eric b for president" came out in new york, that was your whole summer. wherever you went, that was the jam. that would set anything off. you could set a riot with that record"
  5. kool moe dee - go see the doctor
    "I just like it. he's talking 'bout getting burnt by the chicks, and I thought that was funny when I was a kid when it came out"
  6. boogie down productions - criminal minded [lp]
    "I can't front on krs-one. there's nothing more to say! what can I say about krs-one?"
  7. chuck berry - my ding-a-ling
    "that's one of my favourite records of all time - I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks. I used to love that shit when I was a little kid, that shit was hilarious. he's talking about how he had to swim across the water, so he holds onto his ding-a-ling. I guess you only had to be about four-years-old to get the joke. me and my aunt used to go round singing that shit. we used to beg to hear that record - that was some funny shit. and the way he's doing it is almost like an early form of rap - he's putting all those rhymes together to tell a story. and's he's singing a bit - that's kinda like som snoop joints. see? I talked about it more than any rap record! that was my shit"
  8. jocelyn brown - somebody else's guy
    "the rap version of that record was one of the first r & b raps. hip hop come offa that. you don't know that record? it was dope. "you are the one that makes me feel so real" - that was the shit. when that record came out that was some pimp shit back in the days. that was on in the backyards and shit, getting spun at all the parties"
  9. karl douglas - kung-fu fighting
    "everybody was kung-fu fighting / mi-mi-mi-mi-mi / fast as lightning..." that was my shit as well. we all watched kung-fu movies. I got crazy kung-fu movies - not like bruce lee. in kung-fu, saying you into bruce lee is like saying you're into hip-hop 'cos you got a hammer album. we got the hip-hop kung-fu flicks, the mad underground flicks. every saturday there used to be a kung-fu flick on at three o'clock until five, then you go out at five and the whole block be kung-fu fighting! you'd be like, "I'm golden arms! I'm the snake!". in new york that shit was big"
  10. epmd - you gots to chill
    "relax your mind, let your conscience be free / and get down to the sound of epmd...". that was crazy dope. "you gots to chill" was my favourite. and I'm trying real hard to just pick my ten all-time favourite records. see, there's no just-ice, and he made some dope shit. no jungle brothers. no public enemy. and I ain't fronting on 'em - they just ain't made one of my favourite ever records"

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