tjugo visdomsord från ari gold

  1. silence is fucking golden!

  2. anyone who puts gwyneths head in a box is alright with me

  3. you are so fucking fucked. I think your the most fucked person I know!

  4. call me hellen geller cos' I'm a fucking miracle worker

  5. wanna do hindenburg? it's titanic on a blimp!

  6. aquaman! it's spiderman under water!

  7. flight! it's dead poets society in space!

  8. brokebackmotherfuckingaquaman! take that bitch!

  9. the script has been changed more times than andy dicks vibrator

  10. playboy mansion... stripclubs... whorehouses... i go where the meetings are. it's my fucking job

  11. when I'm done with you you're gonna be reppin' sideshow freaks! you need jojo the dogfaced bitchboy? call josh weinfuck - the lightweight penstealing fuckface!

  12. we're gonna get drunk with russel crowe and we're gonna headbutt some goddamn kangaroos

  13. show me a little nipple

  14. it's anal sex-night at the gold house... but thank you for the invite, I'm gonna go home and punish my wife

  15. i have never cheated on my wife, not since she became my wife, but if you wanna jerk me in the car right now, i'm game

  16. unless carmen electra calls for an emergency kiddiefuck, don't answer

  17. lloyd, this is the big one. so just go grab your best dress and know that today your love of cock is a huge asset to this company

  18. got milf?

  19. what the fuck do you want cuntmuscle?

  20. let's hug it out, bitch


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