christopher lee's ten greatest comic actors

  1. laurel and hardy
    "out in front of everyone. the greatest. my own sense of humour is a pretty highly developed one, contrary to what people might expect"
  2. sig ruman
    "the funniest film i've ever seen is to be or not to be [1942]. he had this extraordinary voice: 'they call me concetration camp erhardt!'"
  3. zero mostel
    "in the producers [1967]. a superb picture, mainly thanks to zero mostel and max bialystock. his face goes from absolute joy to absolute despair"
  4. terry-thomas
    "there's a black and white film called make mine mink [1960] which had me in helpless laughter. terry-thomas at his funniest"
  5. jack lemmon
    "in some like it hot [1959]. wonderful. superb. and directed by the greatest director i've ever worked with - billy wilder"
  6. wc fields
    "unique. he was a rebel and i'm a rebel too"
  7. groucho marx
    "i met him on the set of alfred hitchcock presents. i wanted his autograph but they said, 'forget it, he's not known for groucho for nothing'"
  8. charlie chaplin
    "you have to include chaplin. he was a genius. i lived about half a mile away from him in switzerland from 1962 to ´65 and every day i used to see him with his wife down in the town. and he never once said good morning. he must have been a very strange man"
  9. the saturday night live team
    "john belushi gave me a photo, which he signed, 'you are the best in the biz - john belushi, second best'"
  10. bonnie barker
    "i was very sorry when he retired, but i very much understand why he did. i've often felt like it myself, the sort of people you have to deal with nowadays"


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