tio flickor vincent gallo vill kyssa

  1. susan blakely  [I dreamed about kissing her my whole childhood]
  2. charlotte rampling  [I don't care if I meet her when she's 100. she's just so pretty]
  3. dominique sander  [in a way she's probably the prettiest woman - to me - who ever lived]
  4. charlotte gainsbourg  [she's super-special. a miracle]
  5. stella tennant  [she's cool in a way that not many girls are cool. she's pretty too]
  6. cokey roberts  [I think she is very pretty and unusual looking. she may be married, but I'm just asking for a kiss]
  7. elizabeth mcgovern  [all I think of is her sparkly eyes, her beautiful mouth and her chubby cheeks]
  8. jennifer jason leigh  [she's fucking pretty. she's beautiful. and she's talented]
  9. patricia arquette  [she seems wild and kinky. she's probably the most fun girlfriend in the world]
  10. steffi graf  [she has one tremendous butt. and she's pretty. I'd make out with her]


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