top ten messages left on cat stevens' answering machine [letterman, 2004]

  1. "it's sean penn and michael moore. wanna triple date with the dixie chicks?"
  2. "it's casey kasem. good news! you're in the jihad top 100"
  3. "dude, it's osama. I have an extra ticket to see james taylor. you in?"
  4. "I must have the wrong number - I was looking for steven katz"
  5. "it's britney. sorry you couldn't make it to my fake wedding"
  6. "I'm calling from the cbs news to confirm reports of a cat that can fly a plane"
  7. "it's johnnie cochran. without a trial in court, you must not deport. call me"
  8. "hi, this is hall and oates. how can we go about joining al-qaeda?"
  9. "I've been waiting to pick you up at dulles for three days. where you at?"
  10. "we at iraqi airlines heard what happened, so we'd like to offer you 20.000 frequent-fatwa miles"


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